Recharge: The gathering 2009

Writing a review - the Gathering 09 session

On the Friday morning Helen facilitated a workshop: Writing and reading feedback. We talked about reviews and what they can add to a performer's journey. Or take away. We discussed what a review could be 'for' And who is currently creating reviews that are published for public viewing.
We then thought about writing critically about our own and others' work. Where to begin?

Helen suggested starting with capturing on paper:

** Details: title of the piece, who wrote, performed, acted, tecked it, choreographed etc, where it was and when.

hula highlights

helen hula-hoops

Hard to believe, I know, but there are some life skills that i have never mastered. I cannot click my fingers, or roll my tongue (my siblings teased me mercilessly about this), and I could not hula-hoop - that is, until last night. The undoubted highlight of the Gathering was my hula-hoop break-through, the sudden pelvic epiphany that enabled me to keep the hoop rolling gracefully around my gently swaying hips. The frock may have had something to do with it, and the angle of the bunny ears, but now that I've got the hang of it I don't know why I was so incapable before.

What I did in the holidays

This easter I went to Newtown for my holidays. It was fun. There was chocolate, cake and hot cross buns, coffee, yoga and lots of lentils. The lentils made Caz fart during other Caz's feedback. We all laughed even though it was a sensitive moment and we were supposed to be serious. Not many people were serious at all actually.

Gathering 09

Mihi nui ki a koutou katoa, a nga wahine toa na.

Grounded exuberant pensive creative sparkling tribe of mine, such a joy to be with you here in my workplace. Such inspiration! Such beauty! Such spirit! And such deep work.
We are taking a big journey alongside each other into realms of conflict and concialiation,. It could be deep and weighty work. Yet we do this, paddling this waka together. Our tools honed on the flintstone of our love and wild humour. That crescent moon sword of justice tempered by "merci a tous"... awareness, gratitude, compassion and all that.

Gathering open stage and party

Judith's image about Magdalena's closing night party.
Judith's image about Magdalena's closing night party.
Judith's image about Magdalena's open stage.

On Monday we had our open stage event and closing night party. We had a great time. Hula hoops helped.

bodies without shadow?

Judith's image about working with salt.
Judith's image about working with salt and milk.
Judith's image about working with light.

           Jack Trolove offered us the opportunity to explore working with some everyday materials to create visual starting points for thinking around an idea. We 'played' with salt, milk and light. White things. Common things. Things linked to sayings: take it with a grain of salt; milk of human kindness; shed some light on the subject... things linked to everyday actions and reactions.

What is whiteness?

If you look closely at the second image you will see there are two people - one in the mirror.

Remote collaboration

Judith's image about Helen and Challen's discussion.
Participants listening to Challen and Helen.

Challen Wilson and Helen Varley Jamieson discussed their approaches to remote collaboration in making work.

Challen had earlier presented: Winter Overture: extracted - the spirit of the piece... excerpts from a collaboratively written script which she is working on with Cathy Rexford, an Inupiaq woman from the north of Alaska (Kaktovik). She talked about the complexity of working across geographical and cultural distances and how together they were working on and through that.

Magdalena Aotearoa AGM 2009

Judith's image showing people at the Magdalena Aotearoa AGM 2009.
Judith's image showing people at the Magdalena Aotearoa AGM 2009.

On Monday afternoon we had the AGM. Jessica and Madeline co-chaired with aplomb. We saluted absent friends. Progress was reported and such.

Salome - Shadow of a White Rose in a Silver Mirror

After a free Sunday morning, we came together for lunch then our only work in progress of the day.

Jade Valour lay out the bones of a solo show and the heart of herself. She is trying to draw together threads of the myriad aspects of Salome and manifest and share the intangible but powerful resonance this character has in her own life.

Sunday - working more on working together

 Our session to support presenters to identify and take the next steps.
 Our session to support presenters to identify and take the next steps.
 Our session to support presenters to identify and take the next steps.

Sunday afternoon our self-appointed task was: Working with four of the presentations, to develop ideas and look for concrete next steps. This was a way of taking our responding sessions forward, or rather... of helping support our presenters to take them forward. Each got our full focus for quarter of an hour or so and thought about: where they are at now, where they want to go and how to get there. With actions, deadlines and dates. And commitments made and duly scribed, scrolled and presented as a keepsake and a bit of a nudge along.

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