The newsletter begins its journey...

Riddiford Street bustles by
Folding newsletters
Mirror muse

The paper newsletter has started its journey to your place (if you are on the mailing list of course).
Folded and enveloped in the delightful salon space of ReDunn Fashion - currently open for business at 162 Riddiford St, Newtown, as part of a community art project. Also selling artworks by Kazz Funky Blue.
Magdalena Aotearoa newslettering is always a special performance - no two times the same. The creative atmosphere and the glorious clothing to drape oneself in added much to the form and dynamic of this piece. So did the mirrors... and the biscuits.

now i feel quite disappointed

now i feel quite disappointed to have missed the stuffing! but i have been doing a stuffing of my own here in denmark - involving green cheese & just now an extremely indulgent chocolate marzipan thingy ... : )

its realy good...

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