Whiteness musings

watching others watching milk
Judith's image about
Judith's image about

This morning the weather was wild and the sky so wild wet and grey I felt I was inside of a cloud, like being in a whiteout on a mountain, but not as white. I thought again about our milk experiencing from the Gathering 09.
This afternoon, I read about a book called Milk and Melancholy by Kenneth Hayes. It's not in wgtn city library but maybe I will ask them to get it. It looks at milk through the art of photography. Starting with 'Edgerton's famous photograph' which turns out to be the one of a time-stopped splash on milk looking like a little crown on a white pond.
Here's a link it http://www.agallery.com/Pages/photographers/edgerton.html
I know that picture but it never came to mind during the session. I started with salt myself and was interested more in how the others were doing milk things - took a shot of what I could see happening from a vantage point on the floor as they worked on the stage. Shot milk drops on feet. Went elsewhere and took white hair. Wonder how the artist is doing with her white work.