bodies without shadow?

Judith's image about working with salt.
Judith's image about working with salt and milk.
Judith's image about working with light.

           Jack Trolove offered us the opportunity to explore working with some everyday materials to create visual starting points for thinking around an idea. We 'played' with salt, milk and light. White things. Common things. Things linked to sayings: take it with a grain of salt; milk of human kindness; shed some light on the subject... things linked to everyday actions and reactions.

What is whiteness?

If you look closely at the second image you will see there are two people - one in the mirror.

whiteness thoughts

I have been looking at our big jar of white salt - and remembering how the salt felt to work with. Soft, you could pour it, but all those pointy little crystals when you looked close.
Thinking also that taking photos of the workshop was a bit like doing a review, choosing my angle/ my context, looking through my own lens/ then deciding what shots to put online.