Refusing Performance - The Attitudes

Madeline McNamara will be performing at the Festival of Uncertainty in Auckland, organised by Stephen Bain and taking place 20-23 March.

Madeline writes:

I try to explore in my body some of the attitudes of resistance to white privilege and racism.

This fragment is inspired by the eighteenth century's original voguer Lady Emma Hamilton and her "Attitudes". These static, non speaking performances/tableaux vivant were a form of 'mime art', a cross between postures, dance, and acting. Performed to the European elite of the day as a form of popular entertainment the subject matter was based on specific historical and mythological characters.

This is part of a work I live with which includes unhappy performatives, an act of impossible necessity, unmoored manouvres, and when giving is taking.

Madeline will perform during the opening night concert, 7.30-9.30pm on Thursday 20th March. The venue is the Old Folks Assn. Hall on Gundry Street and entry is free.