7 Stars of Matariki, performances and storytelling workshops 1-9 July, Petone

Judith's image about Caroline, storyteller and workshop presenter
Judith's image about Judith, storyteller and workshop presenter

Come along to performances of storytelling, poetry, play reading, star tales and song - and Te Haerenga, a journey of identity. Or attend a storytelling workshop to enhance your performance and sustain you as a storyteller, whether you are new to the craft or an experienced teller.

All events are at The Box theatre, 47 Buick St, Petone

Full details in the Panui on Baggage Arts’ website http://www.bact.org.nz/Panui.680.0.html

Storytelling workshops Saturday 2 July
Led by two experienced storytellers, Caroline E. Waltz (on left) and Judith Jones (on right).

  1. Session 1 Scintillating Storytelling 9:30am to 12.00pm. Have you ever angsted over what went wrong and how you could leave the stage feeling energised and pleased with your performance instead? Caroline E. Waltz and Judith Jones present 5 simple ways to raise your energy, connection and enjoyment of performance and presentation in any setting.
  2. Session 2 Crafting Story 1:00pm to 3:30pm. Storytelling is a creative mix of art, inspiration and purpose. Enhance your natural talents and inspiration, and learn more about sourcing, creating and performing stories with experienced storytellers Judith Jones and Caroline E. Waltz. In this workshop, we'll look at how you can sharpen your skills to create, polish and perform a tale that is satisfying for you to tell and your target audience to hear.

Single session $25. Both sessions $40
Bookings and more information - contact Caroline (04) 934 0033 laflines@paradise.net.nz


  • Star Tales. Richard Hall of Stonehenge Aotearoa and the star lore of Matariki. 7pm 1 July $15/10
  • Tales Tall and True Storytelling with 7 star-bright Wellington tale tellers. 7pm 2 July $15/10
  • Playreading “Rona and Rabbit in the Moon” by award winning playwright Whiti Hereaka. 2pm 3 July $6
  • Words, Wine and Song A celebration of poetry, song, music and mulled wine. 6pm 3 July $15/10
  • Te Haerenga, a journey of identity - featuring Ralph Johnson, Moira Wairama and Tony Hopkins. Set against the backdrop of New Zealand and world history and incorporating such diverse topics as the revival of the Maori language, the black civil rights movements in America, the woman’s movement and the changing role of New Zealand males, Te Haerenga interweaves three individual stories into one shared journey of New Zealand identity that will amuse, provoke, inspire and delight. 7pm 6-9 July $15/20
  • Scary Sagas for Fearless Children Most suitable children 7 yrs & over. 1pm Sat 9 July $6

Seats at The Box are limited so book now.
Bookings 586 0396 theboxpetone@cogitate.co.nz