Recharge: The Gathering 2009 - Programme

The Gathering programme included six work-in-progress presentations, workshops, discussions and evening events.

Click here to read about the works-in-progress and the workshops and discussions.

The lunch menu is at the bottom of this page.

Thanks to the Wellington City Council; People's Coffee; Actrix; Ministry of Women's Affairs; and the NZ Diversity Action Programme.


Thursday 9 April
From 6pm Registration
7pm Welcome to participants and introductory round
8pm Finalise programme
8.30pm Shared meal (bring a plate)
Friday 10 April
9–9.30am Coffee, housekeeping
9.30–10.30am Training (vocal & physical)
10.30-11 Opening discussion: housekeeping, programme, writing, giving and receiving feedback (with morning tea)
11–12 Panel discussion and workshop: Writing and Reading Feedback: writing critically about our own and others' work (including practical writing exercises and developing a blog for the Gathering)
12–1pm Lunch (catered at venue)
1–3.30pm First presentation: The Vegetable Phoenix by Madeline McNamara, followed by discussion
3.30–4pm Afternoon tea
4–6pm Second presentation: The Hooligan and the Lady by Pauleen Hayes, followed by discussion
6–7.30pm Dinner (at local cafe, not included in fee)
7.30pm Evening event: launch of new Magdalena Aotearoa web site.
Saturday 11 April
9–9.30am Coffee, housekeeping
9.30–12.30 Randai demonstration and workshop with Megan Collins (limited numbers to participate but everyone can watch, children also welcome; wear loose clothing)
12.30–1pm Lunch (catered at venue)
1–3pm Third presentation: Winter Overture: extracted - the spirit of the peice by Challen Wilson and Cathy Rexford, followed by discussion
3–3.30 Afternoon tea
3.30–5.30pm Fourth presentation:Watch your tongue young lady by Judith Jones; followed by discussion
5.30–6pm Writing and networking time
6–7.30pm Dinner (takeaways)
7.30pm Evening event: video of The Rodwell Monologues, performed at BATS theatre earlier this year.
Sunday 12 April
morning Sleep in!
12–1pm Lunch (catered at venue)
1–3pm Fifth presentation: Shadow of a White Rose in a Mirror of Silver by Jade Valour, followed by discussion
3–3.30pm Afternoon tea
3.30–6pm Working with four of the presentations, to develop ideas and look for concrete next steps; writing & networking time.
6–7pm Dinner (takeaways)
7pm Performance of The Bone Keeper's Story by Helen Moran, at the Wellington Performing Arts Centre; discounted tickets for Gathering participants, and chat with Helen after the performance.
Monday 13 April
9–9.30am Coffee, housekeeping
9.30–10.30 Training (vocal & physical)
10.30–11am Morning tea; writing and networking time
11–12.00 Panel Discussion: Remote collaboration — with Challen Wilson, Helen Varley Jamieson and others
12–1pm Lunch (catered at venue)
1–3pm Seventh presentation: bodies without shadow by Jaki Trolove, followed by discussion
3–3.30 Afternoon tea
3.30–4.30pm Magdalena Aotearoa Trust AGM
4.30–6pm Yoga Nidra with Moira Aberdeen; or free time: meetings, workshops, writing time
–7.30pm Dinner
8pm Closing night party and open stage
Tuesday 14 April
9–9.30am Coffee, housekeeping
9.30–10.30am Training (vocal & physical)
10.30–11 Writing and blogging time; meetings and networking; morning tea

Evaluation of the Gathering; planning for the future; closing round

1pm Closing lunch
2pm End of gathering: participants taken to airport, cleaning of the community centre and pack out.


Once again our Kitchen Queen Moira Aberdeen is providing delicious catering for morning & afternoon tea and lunch every day of the Gathering (evening meals will be at local cafés for those who want to eat together).

Morning & afternoon teas

This year we will have some new additions to our morning and afternoon tea selections – and our old favourite shortbread will also feature — what’s available on the day will be influenced by seasonale availabilities and the creative whims of the cooks and helpers.


Selection of assorted delights from Higher Taste, plus leafy salads, rice and tabouleh
Special soup by Moira Wairama, plus Assorted roast vegetables
Puliogare (spiced rice)
Chicken and rocket mayonnaise sandwiches
Wellington's best baguettes, and assorted breads together with variety of fillings for build-you-own sandwiches
Kitcheri (easily digested and delightful rice and split mung dahl dish)
Yellow split pea curry with rice, poppadums, yoghurt and cucumber etc
Assorted salads
Surprise assortment!