Payroll giving an option to support Magdalena Aotearoa

Payroll giving means you can make regular donations from your pay to non-profit 'donee' organisations and receive immediate tax benefit. Tax credits for payroll donations are calculated at 33.33 cents for each dollar donated which is deducted from your PAYE.

Magdalena Aotearoa Trust has Inland Revenue-approved donee status. So if your employer has taken up this option, you might like to think about making a regular donation to the trust in this way.

A digital snapshot for our future... New Zealand web harvest

The National Library of New Zealand is conducting a national web harvest between 12 and 25 May. They'll
harvest every domain in the .nz country code, and some others from .com, .net and .org. If your site is outside .nz, you can apply to have your site harvested too. Read on to find out about the harvest, an awesome resource for the future...

The National Library exists to preserve New Zealand's social and cultural history, whether in the form of books, newspapers and photographs, or of websites, blogs and videos.

A Celebration Festival of Magdalena 1986 - 2011 - in Wales, August 2011

Those of you at the networking meeting will have heard Helen talk about this festival. The very first festival was in Cardiff and it is natural that a celebration of this coming of age again be hosted in Wales.

The Festival will be in two parts:

12th – 14th August 2011 in Aberystwyth University. This will be a conference and a chance to evaluate the legacy of the Magdalena.

15th-21st August 2011 will be a Festival of new work in Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff – the birthplace of the Project. There will be space given to all generations; both established and emerging women artists.

The Open Page - a journal of women's thoughts, questions and visions for theatre

The latest issue 'Theatre - Women - Letters' is available through Magdalena Aotearoa.

‘Letters are personal and secret forms of communication, characteristics which enable us to hear the voices of some seemingly silent women on the past and present. The design of individual letters and of different alphabets, seen as paintings or graphic design, emerge in this issue as action, inspiration, sound, awareness, availability and rhythm to emphasise the individuality, age, tradition and cultural
circumstances of each author.’ Julia Varley

Magdalena Aotearoa Networking Party!

You're invited to a Magdalena Aotearoa Networking Party!
Monday 1 February 2010, from 7pm-10pm
Newtown Hall, Daniel St., Wellington

RSVP online here:

The Networking Party is an evening of networking and information sharing - come and learn what the Magdalena Aotearoa Trust and the Magdalena Project are all about, and network with other theatre practitioners and artists. We'll provide some drinks & nibbles (contributions to the refreshments are welcome).

database party

madeline & judith
stacey & janet

on monday 4th january, while most of the country was still on holiday, a group of us gathered at janet's for a database party. the purpose of this party was to learn how to use our shiny new CiviCRM online membership database. this is the system that we installed in conjunction with this new site, & already it's made a great improvement in how we manage all our contact information, and communicate with our members.

A Decade of Consequences - December 09 newsletter editorial

In the editorial of the December 2009 Magdalena Aotearoa newsletter, Helen Varley Jamieson reflects on what’s happened since 1999 - what the 1999 Magdalena Aotearoa International Festival of Performance inspired and the ways our lives were changed by it.

A Decade of Consequences

new user registration notification

i've tried to set up new user registration notification using triggers; i created an action (send an email to to happen when a new user registers. but it doesn't work. i don't know why not.

it is really stupid that this is not something built in to the system - seems like a fairly basic function, & if the system can cope with emailing the new user, then it should also be able to email the admin.

the newsletter is out

last week the newsletter went to the printer & a small group of dedicated stuffers gathered at madeline's on wednesday night to get it stuffed & in the post. if you're a newsletter subscriber, it should be in your letterbox by now : ) & if you're not a subscriber, you can download the pdf (1.2MB).

thanks to all our subscribers for supporting this valuable newsletter & hope you enjoy the latest issue.

Transit peripheries

The theme of this year's Transit is peripheries - of all kinds, geographic, artistic, cultural, etc. in my presentation i talked about my own peripherical work, on the edge of theatre & also on the edge of digital art. i also talked about peripherals - things you attach to your computer to expand its capabilities such as a printer, web cam, external hard-drive, etc. periphical things have important roles to play in relationship to the centre(s) as well as to each other.

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