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United we stand, divided we fall ... Issue 35 of the Magdalena Aotearoa Newsletter

Issue 35 (April 2010) of the Magdalena Aotearoa newsletter is now in the letterboxes of those who subscribe to the hardcopy, and available to download as a PDF from this web site.

Magdalena Aotearoa Networking Party!

You're invited to a Magdalena Aotearoa Networking Party!
Monday 1 February 2010, from 7pm-10pm
Newtown Hall, Daniel St., Wellington

RSVP online here:

The Networking Party is an evening of networking and information sharing - come and learn what the Magdalena Aotearoa Trust and the Magdalena Project are all about, and network with other theatre practitioners and artists. We'll provide some drinks & nibbles (contributions to the refreshments are welcome).

new user registration notification

i've tried to set up new user registration notification using triggers; i created an action (send an email to to happen when a new user registers. but it doesn't work. i don't know why not.

it is really stupid that this is not something built in to the system - seems like a fairly basic function, & if the system can cope with emailing the new user, then it should also be able to email the admin.

Newsletter subscribe process problems

You can't pay for the newsletter unless you are logged in.
You don't find this out until you get to an access denied page which is both rude and discouraging.

One option is to hide the subscribe menutitem until you are logged in, and have a "log in to subscribe" button instead. Though they still then have to choose to pay again. I wonder if Logintoboggan might fix this problem - or would it hijack all logins rather than just these ones?

Site hierarchy and menus

There could be some benefit in playing around with the way things are organised. has a free card sorting online survey, where up to 9 people (free version) can arrange items and give them headings, or arrange items under given headings.

Saturday at the Gathering

Discussion after Challen's presentation

Saturday began with a Randai demonstration by Megan Collins & dancers Bronwyn, Linda and Lutu. Randai is a dance form from the Minang region of West Sumatra, & involves wearing pants that are sort of like a long skirt, with a fold of material between your legs that is slapped percusively. After the demonstration, we got to put on the pants & learn one dance, which involved clapping, thigh slapping, & flap-slapping as well as lots of "hoop!" & "hos!" calls which was pretty hard to do at the same time as remembering the moves & trying not to collide with others. Good exercise & good fun!

Writing about our work

Jaki & Helen writing reviews

This morning after the training we had a discussion/workshop about writing about our work. We talked about the different ways of writing (reviews, feedback, etc) & places to publish (web sites, newsletters, magazines, etc), & about writing as a means to continue the conversations & exchange that takes place at the Gathering. we talked quite a lot about reviewing - how no-one wants to do it & it is difficult to do. what makes a good review? how do you start? we then took 15 minutes to all write a short review of the last performance that we'd seen, & read them out & 'reviewed the reviews'.

Launch of the New Web Site & Database & Domain Name

magdalena's image about
magdalena's image about
magdalena's image about

Right now we are launching this brand new spunky web site, our online database and - finally! - our own domain name, here are some photos of us celebrating this auspicious event. because it is good friday and we have been too busty (for our shirts) finishing the web site to think about details such as the launch, we have had one bottle of a very fruity strawberry bubbles (that's one bottle between seven drinkers). however we are still manaaging to have quite a good time & make lots of typos : )

Let the Gathering Begin!

Gathering 2008

This evening our third Gathering got underway - Recharge: The Gathering 2009. The Gathering is a platform for showing work-in-progress, and getting constructive criticism from our colleagues, peers, friends, etc. It is about coming together through our work, sharing & exchanging, and ultimately about nurturing the development of theatre work through sharing the process. Too often we struggle away, working in relative isolation; but as theatre work is ultimately presented to an audience, there is much to be gained from presenting work-in-progress to an audience.

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