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Get Carmel to the Globe!

Dear Wellington Friends,

As you know I have been working in Meet the Churchills at Circa, which finishes on July 16 and have been sharing a dressing room with the wonderful Carmel McGlone.

Carmel has a fellowship to study for a month at the Globe Theatre in London with 11 other mid-career professional actors from around the world and she is having a fundraiser on Monday 25th July at BATS.

Attached is a flyer, but in case you can't open it or don't have time, here are the details.


Legacy & Challenge - celebrating 25 years of The Magdalena Project, 16-21 August, Wales

International Festival Gathering
Wales: August 16th – 21st 2011

In August THE MAGDALENA PROJECT – INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF WOMEN IN CONTEMPORARY THEATRE will be 25 years old. Over those years hundreds of festivals, gatherings and events have happened across the world made possible through the fortitude of some extraordinary women artists defiantly determined to give an equality of voice to women’s performance.

Flossie kicks back ...

Congratulations to Pauleen Hayes and the cast and crew of The Hooligan and the Lady which is enjoying an excellent season at BATS Theatre. There's a great review on Theatreview. Apparently the season is sold out, so if you haven't already booked you will have to clamour for a return season of this "rollicking" production.

The Hooligan and the Lady - BATS Theatre, 23-27 February, 6.30pm

1911. A story true. The scourge of brutes, bullies and badmen alike; afeared by ruffians and rowdies across the land: Flossie leMar has many ways to make evildoers relent. A visionary with pronounced ideas about the role of women under attack, Flo is a force to be reckoned with. Chief amongst her interests is one Joseph Gardiner, pugilist, wrestler and Master of the Oriental Arts. Armed with her apocryphal handbook, The Life and Adventures of Miss Florence leMar, the World’s Famous Ju-Jitsu Girl, Flo and Joe are a vaudeville sensation.

Flossie le Mar could change lives ...

Pauleen Hayes' play The Hooligan and the Lady, which has been developed with work-in-progress showings at Magdalena Aotearoa gatherings, is getting attention in high places: MP Trevor Mallard has just posted about it on his blog, generating some fiesty comments:

The Hooligan and the Lady will premiere at this year's Fringe Festival.

Gathering III: Performance Feast, Saturday 27 November

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our final Magdalena Aotearoa Gathering for 2010. This is to be in the form of a celebratory pot luck feast and networking opportunity to be held at the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre theatre on Saturday 27 November 2010.

A Performance Feast

The Magdalena Project is an international network of women in contemporary theatre, Magdalena Aotearoa is a South Pacific branch of this network. The banquet is an opportunity for practitioners to connect with one another on a less formal basis over a shared meal.

Vértice Brasil: "The Magdalena Experience"

LAB Theatre with Claudia Contin
Claudia Contin's workshop
Geddy Aniksdal's workshop

Andrea Ariel reports on attending the Brazilian Magdalena Festival in July 2010.

On July 12th, at Auckland Airport, with ALFONSINA packed in a few bags and a team of six of us ready to embark on a 47 hour plane ride to Brazil, I could not help thinking back to the day when Pedro Ilgenfritz invited me to start a theatre company with him and two more actors, both women. Back then, VÉRTICE was only a dream goal.

The Gathering: Art & Practice

The second of three one-day Gatherings for 2010 will be held on Sunday 29 August, 9am-10pm, at the Berhampore School Hall in Wellington.

The theme is "Art & Practice" and there is an exciting line-up of presenters. Lunch will be a shared pot-luck meal, and we'll go to a local cafe for dinner before reconvening for the traditional, legendary, not-to-be-missed open mic cabaret extravaganza closing concert in the evening.

Red Mole On The Road

Watch this great documentary about Red Mole on NZ On Screen (in 6 parts of about 7 mins long each):

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